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The NTP PoE Clock System is offered in both analog and digital clocks. It utilizes the Power over Ethernet infrastructure which provides power and data through one CAT5(e) cable only, making it easy to be installed in an existing ethernet network. Each NTP Clocks has their own IP address (DHCP/Static configurable).

The NTP PoE clocks are powered with a PoE Switch or a PoE Injector. One of the biggest advantages of this system is that NO Master Clock is required since each clock can receive the time data directly from an SNTP / NTP Time source. Each NTP PoE Clocks allows the user to insert up to 10 NTP/SNTP servers, where it automatically switches to another valid NTP Server if one fails to communicate.

Each IP PoE clock can be configured individually in a web browser via its built-in web interface (password protected), enabling the user to easily set parameters such as timezone clock value, time server addresses, network settings, Daylight Saving Time (if applicable) and etc. The NTP PoE Clocks can also be managed in one Network Monitoring Software for easy traceability and troubleshooting of multiple NTP Clocks.

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