Philippine Standard Time


Accurate time is an integral part of a facility's communication system in many industries and applications. That's why we provide different synchronized clock systems: IP Clock System, Wireless Clock Systems, Wi-fi Clock System, and Wired Clock, GPS-Direct, and Time Zone Clock Systems for the choice of our valued customers will not be limited to a single system and can choose the rightful system for their organization.

We also help you get synchronized all the time with the Philippine Standard Time via NTP server or GPS Satellite.


In a synchronized clock system, the master clock receives time from either an NTP server or GPS receiver,or its internal clock can be utilized as a time source. When the master clock has received the correct time from either source, the time is then distributed to all slave clocks in the system.

The signal is sent to the clocks multiple times per day, ensuring that all clocks stay synchronized and do not drift from their accurate time.


Wired Master Clock System

The Wired Master Clock System is one of the most popular synchronized clock systems in the globe. There are two different types of wired master clock system: Two-Wired, and Sync-Wired and there are differences between the two type of systems in terms of functionality,installation and controllability.

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Wireless Master Clock System

The Wireless Master Clock System in the Philippines eliminates wiring throughout an entire facility which can save you thousands of money on installation and also allows retrofitting of an existing installation. It utilizes a frequency hopping technology to send the time data to all of the analog and digital secondary clocks in the system.

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Power Over Ethernet Clock System

The IP System is offered in both analog and digital clocks. It utilizes the Power over Ethernet infrastructure which provides power and data through the same CAT5 or CAT6 cable.

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Wifi Clock System

Leverage existing Wi-fi wireless network. You may synchronize all of your clocks to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) through the internet to get the most accurate time. All clock settings can be managed through a Wi-fi connection from any computer on the network.

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GPS-Direct Clock System

The GPS-Direct Clocks  have GPS receivers and antennas, which doesn't need configuration. The time synchronization enables self-readjustment to the standard time/Daylight Saving Time and corrects the slightest clock delay in progress.

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Time Zone Clocks System

CSI Time Zone Clocks displays accurate time for desired locations around the world. The time displays are mounted on an aluminum pole, which is then mounted on the wall. Below each clock is a nameplate that displays the time zone for each individual clock. Each clock will show accurate time and all clocks will be synchronized together to the second.  Available with analog and digital.

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Time Servers

When there is a business-critical need to trace time to an accurate source, the clear solution is GPS time server appliances deployed on the local network.  Time from GPS signals is recognized as  the  most  accurate,  available  and  traceable  time  source.

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