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How it works:

  1. Install and program the Wireless Master Clock
  2. The Wireless Master Clock sends out the signal to the clocks in its radius
  3. The clocks receive the signal and then send the signal to the surrounding clocks
  4. The clocks receives the signal and retransmit the time to the clocks in its radius


The wireless clock system is one of the most popular systems that we offer. It utilizes a frequency hopping technology to send the time data to all of the analog and digital secondary clocks in the system. The major advantage of this system is the ease of installation. For the battery-operated analog clocks, only a screwdriver is needed for wall-mount installation with the included kit. As for the digital wireless clocks, a power source such as an electrical outlet is all that is needed since the synchronization will be done wirelessly.


This system consists of a master clock, which will wirelessly transmit the time data to all of the secondary clocks in the system. Each clock that receives the time will correct itself, if needed, and will retransmit the signal to other clocks in the system. This feature eliminates the need for a high power transmitter since the clocks communicate and pass the signal to other clocks in the system once they receive the time. The analog clocks are typically powered by two D-cell, pro-alkaline batteries, which last for about 5-8 years. The digital wireless clocks are offered in 24VAC, 110VAC, and 220VAC.

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